A free ISO8583 editor, for tester or developer without something better available.

It allows you to define an ISO8583 derived protocol
(data encoding, field dictionary and message definitions for CB2A/Fintrax, Amex, ...)
and to parse and check messages against it.

download software zip file, 260 Ko (only !)

Look at the 'doc.txt' file for information on how to use this software.

If you find a bug, please report it at iso8583@free.fr, with message sample and protocol definition.
I will do my best to fix it as quicly as possible.

If you want to share your protocol definitions, send them to me, I will publish them on this site, with your reference.

All your comments are welcome.

Contributors : they helped to fix issues, proposed improvements and/or shared protocol definitions.
Thanks to Igor Geletko of D8 Corporation, and Numchai Manoleewattanakul.

Alternative download locations :

last update : november 15, 2016